Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Runners “Tool Of Trade”

I do not boast of having a number of shoes like many women can.  Mostly I can be seen wearing a pair of running shoes.  Not because they make such a fantastic fashion statement, but I simply like to be confortable.

My ritual is to replace these at least once a year.  Not because I want to go and blow a bunch of money over at my favorite shoe store, The Running Room, but because I have to.  In well under a year I turn a very good looking running shoe into one that looks like it had been hauled out of the nearest dumpster. I manage to stretch my new purchase to as close to a year as possible simply because I am cheap.  Also known as frugal.



So off to The Running Room I went. To give my new goal of training to run a couple 10K runs a fresh start in a new pair of running shoes.

After at least six years of purchasing the exact same shoe, the Asics 2160, I wanted to break the cycle and try something new.  A brand new pair of Nike’s.


A couple of runs, indoors on a treadmill,  I came to a realization that these certainly were not the shoes for me!  My feet were in so much pain.  So, back in the box these Nike’s went, and back to The Running Room to test out their trade-in policy.

After a quick check-over by the saleslady, off we went to look for another new pair of shoes.  I tried a few different brands of shoes.  Found a few that seemed to fit my finicky feet well.  After a final decision, I spent even more than usual on a new pair of Asics.  My usual shoe but in top model.  Unfortunately these even cost more than the usual. 


Well, I haven’t gotten to try these out yet.  Tomorrow is the day for these babies to go for there first test drive.  I am really hoping that I come home with happy feet.  I don’t want to  have to take yet another trip to The Running Room. I really wish I could just throw on just any pair of runners.  Would be a pocketbook saver as well as a time saver.


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