Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Schnookums Hair Bows

Peyton was born with an amazing amount beautiful hair.  Trust me, I paid for it with some serious heartburn.  It was all worth it.  Her dad, Jeremy has had it pointed out on a number of occasions that his baby girl has more hair than he does.  Oh, to point out the obvious.  He can only laugh and feel a lot of pride for having such a beautiful daughter.

iphone pics 214

From the first week of her life Peyton has been wearing her Schnookums Bows. Anything to help tame her lovely locks.  I absolutely love these little hair barrettes, as they are so far the only ones that manage to stay in her hair. 

Peyton has been wearing this one barrette ever since and now has come the time to add some more of these little beauties to coordinate with her super cute outfits.  So, I am having an e-party.  The last day to order and get this great deal is tomorrow, March 3.

eparty invite Michelle McEachern


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