Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is It Christmas Again?



To my surprise this morning, I woke up to the quiet falling of snow outside my window.  I quickly woke Cayden up and sent him to the front window to look outside.  “At what?” he asked.  “Just look”  I replied.

He went to front door and opened it wide.  Cayden squealed in delight at the falling snow and yelled, “Is it Christmas again?”  I had to break it too him that Christmas has passed, and will not be back for almost a year.

I was also happy at the idea of getting out in snow. You see, I got to try out my Christmas and birthday present; new snow boots.  I felt a little like a kid again as I laced them up and did a quick little run down the driveway.  Just checking to make sure they didn’t leak.

To think that I was very close to not having snow boots.  Originally I had told my husband not to buy me a birthday present.  I had decided I wanted to pick out a new pair of snow boots. Last year I trudged through weeks of snow in dress shoes and running shoes and I didn't want a repeat this year.  I told Jeremy that I preferred to do the shopping myself as it was a “personal choice.”  He wasn’t super happy about this, but let it go. 

A month had gone by and he asked me where my new boots were.  I told him I had changed my mind and really didn’t want to spend any money on new boots.  I figured I could make it through another winter without new boots.

Low and behold, Christmas came, and to my surprise, a new pair of winter boots were wrapped up under the tree.  I had to admit to Jeremy that he had made a very good choice.  They were definitely something I would have picked for myself.  Of course he could only puff up his chest with pride at making a good choice.  I am truly blessed by husbands desire to please.

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