Thursday, December 31, 2009

It Was A Rock Band Of A Night

We celebrated New Years Eve with a small group of friends and our families.  Yeah, I know.  10:00pm and already writing about a New Years Eve Celebration.  We haven’t even reached the New Year!  Currently I have an half hour time delay between partying and delivering others home from their parties. 

I am Red Nosing in tonight. To be more clear; I’m a volunteer with Operation Red Nose.  A free service that delivers slightly or highly intoxicated people and there vehicles home after an evening of celebrating. This is the last night of the season. Likely to be the busiest I’m sure.  I’m wondering if I might be called out to some friends. Guess we’ll soon see.

As I was driving Cayden to my sisters for a sleep-over, I asked him how he liked meeting his new little friend Quinton and playing at his house.  He says, “His house was the funnest house on earth!”  “Did you have fun with the adults?”

What a fun kid.  He had such a good time and wasn’t ready to go home even at that late hour.  It was only through some bribing from Quinton’s mom that he could come another time and play, that we got him out the door. 

We did in fact “have fun with the adults".  The hit of the night was definitely Rock Band.  We did have some really good performances I will admit.  Jeremy and I did not partake. Oh, I shouldn’t say that.  We did.  We were the #1 fans.  Someone has to take that role right?

2009-Winter2 037 2009-Winter2 040 2009-Winter2 035

To all my friends and families, Happy New Year.  May your year be filled with good health, happiness and prosperity.


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