Thursday, January 1, 2015

Snow Tubing Or Shooting: New Years Dilemna

Ever play the card game UNO with 2 people?  And then play the reverse-a-turn card?  You think your going one direction.  At least that was the plan.  Only to find yourself quickly going in the opposite direction.

The events of today were much like that.  For weeks I had a plan to start a yearly tradition of New Years day snow tubing as a family.  Fun and a perfect way to spend a holiday building fantastic memories to cherish forever.  And of course it is the time of year one wishes to be in the white stuff.

Previous to today, I did consider Cypress Mountain over Manning Park.  But the snow reports were not very good.  According to a few 'reliable' sources,  Manning had 'tonnes' of snow!  And so I was pretty confident that the best choice would be to go to Manning Park Resort for a fantastic snowy experience. .

So, I packed all the gear.  And all the snacks.  And then all the kids.  Stopped for a coffee of course and off we were heading up to what was going to be a snow white destination. Last stop was to be at the snow tubing centre of  Manning Park.

We hit Hope, BC.  My first coffee was gone.  For some crazy reason I craved my second.  And I lack self-control!  So against my families wishes, I stopped.  I was the driver after all:)  As I sat in the line up, I started to rethink the whole 'tonnes of snow' report I had and decided to pull over and check the Manning Website before travelling any further.

This is what it said.  "Sliding only due to lack of snow" !!! Wait a minute.  I was going to drive all the way up to Manning.  Pay to slide and have to walk back up the hill each time? No way.  So this is what my kids heard next.

"So everyone.  We have two choices.  Drive to Manning.  Slide down the 'one' path that was open and walk back up all day.  Or.  Go to the river, build a really big fire,  ride ATV's and shoot guns".

The kids response.  "Shoot guns"!  And, so that's what we did.

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