Sunday, January 4, 2015

Snow Much Fun!

Winter is officially here, so was the the sport that people of all ages could partake in: sledding!
And my kids were certainly not letting me off the hook and letting me stay curled up in front of the fire with some nice reading material.

The three important factors needed for optimum sledding:

  • Sled: a disc or toboggan, a tube or a garbage can lid.  whatever might be handy at a last moments notice.  
  • Snow: the white stuff... the hexagonal ice crystals that come in all shapes and sizes and fall to the ground to accumulate into a 3 inch minimum depth.  And preferably not yellow in colour. 
  • Speed: the steeper the hill, the more your mass= increased acceleration.

After just the right amount of time at the hill everyone was in agreement that they'd had enough fun for the day.  I wasn't quite done having fun in the snow.  A wide open parking lot was calling my name.  So, this momma drove like a teenager and we had all kinds of fun.  With much glee we turned up the snow doing circle after circle.  Before parking the 'mommy truck', I turned to my passengers and said, "your dad sure wouldn't like that kinda driving".  What he doesn't know doesn't hurt. LOL. 

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