Thursday, July 31, 2014

Just Beachin' It

 After 4 days without Cayden, it was time to pick him up from Camp Charis.  Yes, I could have handled a few more days quite happily with him at camp, no matter how much we love having him around:)  It was just a break for all, him included.  And he was sure to tell me that after his very first argument, only 15 minutes after picking him up.  "I wish I could stay another four days!" Oh, the love of family.

After settling the first argument, we all settles in to listen to all the stories of the week.  The biggest  being, of over ninety kids, he was the champion of 'Capture The Flag'.  I was quite a proud mamma. I have a winner!  Tales of cabin mates, slip and slide, camp counsellors and the candy store brought me back to memories of my days at camp.

One of Cayden's favorite activities was breakfast.  What a boy.  He was seriously moaning as he shared this fantastic menu!  And one of the most hilarious comments was the fact that he now combs his hair every day.  Yes, every two hours even, he told me.  All because his older friend Josh is nearing his teenage years, and combs his hair frequently. LOL! 

With the amazing weather we have been having, it was a great day to plan a day at Harrison Beach.  Such a great plan.  So much fun and a great way to stay cool.  Good thing Cindy was much for prepared than I was, or the kids would have simply been kicking sand and swimming:)  

The kids were fantastic.  Swimming, giggling, dunking and eating were the activities of the day.  The best part was when the boys dumped Fabby, who was out posing for pictures on the tube.  I could only laugh, encourage and snap more pictures.

Hours later, with all the energy sapped from everyone, it was finally time to say goodbye.  Till next time.  Hopefully very soon. 

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