Monday, July 21, 2014

The 'Mommy Truck'

When growing a family from four members to six, there are many items to take into consideration.  One of them for us was how the heck were we going to get six people to and from family activities.  Our good old Jetta simply wasn't going to cut it.  Unless someone was willing to ride in the trunk.  We had no takers when we put the offer on the table surprisingly enough:)

So, vehicle hunting we went.  For a whole year!  I knew exactly what I wanted as well as exactly how much I was willing to pay.  So, much to Jeremy's torment, I was willing to hold out for the perfect match.   Finally, a  few months ago when the finalization of our adoption seemed to be coming, I quietly put the search into high gear.

It was almost midnight and the perfect vehicle hit the local craigslist.  A lovely white GMC Acadia that seated 7, had leather and very low kilometres.  An answer to my silent prayers!  Off went the email requesting a viewing and an offer of full asking price.  Yes, it was that good of a deal:)

The next morning I received an email from the seller.  She was overwhelmed by the response by people, but stood by the line, 'first come, first served'.  So I sent of a text message to my hubby.  "We are looking and buying our new vehicle in North Van tonight.  What time can you be home?"

Jeremy's reply was, "Say what?"  Followed shortly by, "sounds great.  be home at 6".  Yep, that's how fast we can make things happen.  And that's how much my awesome husband trusts me:)

We finally got the opportunity to load that seven passenger baby up this past Sunday.  All seven bum's fit rather comfortably in this roomy 'Mommy truck'.  Yes, that's what we call it.

The name came from the confusion of now owning 3 vehicles.  Boo!  It sucks to have to pay for 3 insurances, keep 3 vehicles fuelled, washed and serviced.  But, it makes sense and at the day.  The Jetta gets the most mileage cause it's the perfect little commuter and makes me feel less guilty driving back and forth and all around cause it's so awesomely cheap on fuel. And it's the easiest to park in those tiny little shopping store parking stalls.

So when heading out on and adventure the kids will ask.  "Are we going out in the Jetta, Mommy Truck or Daddy Truck?"  Having a name for them all takes the confusion out of it all.

Yes, Jeremy was very happy to have a 'Daddy Truck'!

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