Monday, June 24, 2013

Tough Mudder Whistler 2013

I knew the day would be awesome.  There was no doubt in my mind that I would be doing something beyond normal.  But the craziness of the day was way more than I had dreamed.  Twenty-five thousand of us adrenaline junkies encountered more mud, water and cold than I thought could be possible for sure.

Many people think that it takes a person with something seriously wrong with them to pay money to take part in Tough Mudder.  To want to run through mud for a mile.  Crawl under barb wire.  Run 18 kilometres in the mountains.  Get Electrocuted, not just in one obstacle, but two.  Climb twelve-foot high walls.  Jump into mud from twenty feet up.  Slide down ice mountains.  Jump over fire.  Climb the Whistler 2010 Ski Jump. Just to name a few of the Twenty-eight fantastic and challenging obstacles.

My co-workers shared this opinion quite openly.  The whole idea didn't even interest them in the least.  (I personally think that they just don't have what it takes:).  

For our 11 year anniversary, I signed Jeremy up to our Tough Mudder Team.  He received an email from the event that told him he was enlisted.  I don't think he was ever truly happy until he ran the race with us.  Then I think I must have been thanked by him at least a half-dozen times during the Mudder how thankful he was that I enlisted him! 

 I was very proud of him too.  He held his own, even though some of his co-workers were placing bets that I would be dragging him to the end.  We were actually very happy to have him along so that Jeff had a helper throwing all us ladies up and over the Berlin walls:)

As a team we certainly made memories that will last a lifetime.  Kelly racing with a broken arm.  Mark picking his one pace and making his way through the race beginning to end keeping that pace.  Some of the faces once in the Arctic Enema and the quick escape.  The looks of fear when standing on the Walk The Plank obstacle.  The falling shorts.  The closed eyes when taking leaps of faith.  The drive in an 8 passenger van with a few extra people.  And... to top it off, sitting around a fire, enjoying cheers and beers.

Thank you all you Unsworth Mudders for such an awesome weekend!  Looking forward to the next one.

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