Friday, February 25, 2011

Cayden: AKA Captain Underpants


captain underpants 2

It was one of the most humorous Tuesday mornings I can remember.  I had dropped Cayden off with my sister while I attended a meeting.  She took him to our church’s Women’s Ministry morning Bible study, where Cayden played with the other children.  I came to pick Cayden up and my sister asked me if I knew that Cayden was wearing three pairs of underwear.   Pardon? Three pairs of underwear?

I asked Cayden why he was wearing three pairs of underwear.  With a serious look on his face he answered, “I’m Captain Underpants.” Now, I have heard about a Captain Underpants.  I was aware that there is a series of novels about such an underwear wearing, red caped character that is  for fourth and fifth grade readers.

I had no idea wear Cayden would have learned about this subject so I quizzed him to find out what he knew. Cayden stated with confidence that Captain Underpants was a Super Hero.  He wore a red cape and he  slings underwear as his Super hero power.  I’m pretty certain that the slinging of underwear was drummed up by Caydens own imagination, but it certainly was very funny.

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