Friday, February 25, 2011

Almost One Year Ago

The past year has been a roller coaster ride for our family.  Almost one year ago I wrote about how our adoption story had to come to an abrupt halt.  I must admit, I was never clear on the reasoning behind this. The finality of the adoption of those two precious children was  not by our choice but because of the rules of the Ministry for Children and Families.  It was not because we had done anything wrong, but due to the fact that we were crazily surprised and blessed with a pregnancy of our own.

One November 4, 2010, our precious daughter, Peyton joined our family.  She was born weighing in at an even 7 lbs, 19 inches long and with an amazingly full head of hair . I never thought it possible that I could have such a tiny bundle of pure sweetness.   Her entrance to the world was one I will never forget.  (This is a story of it’s own)



iphone pics 087

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It was difficult to have to take the abrupt end to the adoption that we had spent over 1 1/2 years to prepare for. If I would have had my way, I would be a mother of four children right now. But I would never trade the pain I felt then, for the joy I feel now.  We feel truly blessed to have our precious little girl join our family. 

I like to think that our adoption story is just on hold.  Where it will take us in the future is unknown.


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