Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weathering the Drama of ‘Life’

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It’s been a crazy long time since I’ve written anything.  It seems like an eternity since those wonderful 2010 Winter Games memories.  But really, it hasn’t beet that long, has it?

The past few months have been rather interesting. Almost never a dull moment, really.  From the first week of March to now, it seems that we’ve been on a wee bit of a roller coaster ride.


First, we finally finished our home study for our adoption.  All the meetings and paperwork were finally completed and approved in the first week of March.  We went ‘live’ for matching with children who were waiting for their ‘forever’ families.  By that point it had been a year and a half since the very beginning of our adoption journey.

Within a few days, we got the call.  The much anticipated call.  The one were were looking forward to for the past year and a half.  We had been matched with a sibling group.  A 31 month old boy and his 16 month old sister.  You can imagine our excitement! We could hardly believe it. 

With this fabulous news, we felt that it would be a good time for us to sell our house.  We put the ‘for sale’ sign up a few weeks later.  It went onto MLS a week later.  Then, 4 days later, it was sold! 


Wow, we felt so blessed by all the direction we were heading. We started sharing pictures and stories with the children’s foster family  in the meantime.  It was getting more real and so exciting.  Because of the speediness of our house sale, and the busyness that comes with moving, we had to wait a little longer for the children’s final placement with us.  So, we continued with the busyness of packing, preparing, and even to add to the list of things to do, selling our tractor and our travel trailer. 

Sccccrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeech! Yes, I mean to a halt.  Not everything.  We still packed all our things and moved into our new home.  The new owners still moved into our lovely home.  Our close friends still moved a long way out of town.  Our tractor still got sold. Our travel trailer still went to its new owners.

But our adoption of these two highly anticipated children did come to a halt.  It was a bitter-sweet situation.  I will not trade anything, but still feel at a loss for it all.  Our adoption story is not complete, just on hold.  We do not write our own stories.  God had other plans for our family. It is for this reason that I say it is all bitter'-sweet.


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