Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How About We Become Friends?

My sweet child, Cayden.  The social butterfly of our family. He really comes up with some interesting things.


The other day, Cayden and I  were headed out to visit some friends in our old neighborhood.  This was our first trip past our old home since we said goodbye a few weeks ago. As we were getting near, Cayden made the suggestion that we should stop,say ‘hi’ to the new homeowners, and then become friends.  He finished off be saying, ‘That’s a really good idea that I had, right mom?’

Cayden is such a people magnet.  He draws people to him with his sparkle and zest for life.  I didn’t stop to ‘make friends’ with the new homeowners.  But I did tell him that it was a good idea, but we just didn’t have time at the moment.  We’ll have to see if he has the same ‘good idea’, next time we go past.


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