Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games Countdown

As I stood outside today, taking in the amazing sun and warm temperatures, I wondered what the athletes and visitors were thinking.  It almost seemed surreal to think we could possibly be hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics with the weather we are enjoying.  Skiing?  Snowboarding? Bobsledding?  Where’s the snow?

As I watch truckload after truckload of snow being hauled through the Fraser Valley up to Cypress Mountain for the Games, I can’t help to think about the amazing costs we are accruing to host this years Winter Olympics. One fellow I was talking to said  to me, “I would be happy for it to rain up there at Cypress. That’s what my opinion is of having the Olympics here.”

What?? My quick response to him was that the games are here.  Do we really want to go down in history as being the worst place to every host the Winter Olympics?  Of course not.  So instead we should be hoping for cooler weather, and a huge dump of snow!

But I am a ‘glass 1/2 full’ kind of person, so I focus on the excitement of the upcoming games. As well, I think of the positive benefits that the Fraser Valley has received.  I mean, seriously, would we have gotten all these fabulous road improvements?  How about all the other infrastructure that we so desperately needed the past few years?  All this did come with a price tag of course. But the games are here. So my thinking is that  we may as well look on the bright side of things.




































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