Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Little Children

It has been a little over one year since our family started the process of adoption.  When we first considered adoption, we had 3 different avenues we could follow. 1) Private adoption 2) International adoption 3) Children in Government care.  It was not a super easy decision  which route we should follow, but Jeremy and I did make a final decision based on what would be best for our family.

We decided that we would follow the avenue of the adoption of a local child (or children) in government care.  We learned that there are many children waiting for loving families and that although the process could take a long some time,  it could still be more speedy of a process than International adoption. 


The emotions that led up to our final decision to adopt were rather interesting.  I think that I had first brought up the option of adopting approximately a year before we made a final decision.  Jeremy, at the time, was not quite sure. So, we let the subject drop awhile longer.  Then Jeremy brought the subject up.  At this time I was not quite sure.  We flip-flopped for awhile, never with both of us feeling ready to adopt at the same time.  Finally, a year ago we were both confident that it was time. We were ready to move down the path of adoption together, hand in hand.  Since we made this decision, we have never doubted ourselves.

In the trail of the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti comes a whole new wave of emotions regarding adoption.  Many families are in agony as the children that they have been in the process of adopting for up to two years are stuck in the chaos.  The Haitian government is in ruins.  What is left of all the adoption paperwork is uncertain.  The Haitian Judge in charge of the adoptions is dead. Some families were only waiting on their own governments travel visas in order to bring their child home. Many do not even know if their waiting child is alive.  It is a heart-wrenching time for many adoptive families.

Many people around the world are now considering adopting a child from Haiti.  It is how many feel they can reach out and help. The message being sent to all who feel a calling to adopt from Haiti is: “Wait and Pray.”  Wait until some of the chaos is gone. Pray for the safety of the children.  Pray that they are united with family.  Pray that when the time is right, the path to adopt will be open. 


The journey of adoption is wonderful.  But I must say, it does require a bit of patience.  I am so happy for the very recent adoption of a 10 month old baby boy into the loving home of my cousins, Martin and Wieska.  They have been truly blessed. 


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