Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good Intentions

Christmas is usually the time to show appreciation to friends, teachers and family by purchasing or making a gift. Usually I like to gift people with my delicious Chocolate Chip Truffles. This past Christmas I had very good intentions to continue with my Christmas ritual. But after putting an effort into a bake exchange for 12 people, my ambitions sizzled.

I spent as much time on the presentation of these treats as I did on actually make them. I did enjoy being creative and putting such a great effort into it all, but I do think that maybe next time around I won’t go so crazy. The effort was certainly appreciated by those who did receive them.

DSC01992 Melt-in-your-mouth Chocolate Chip Truffles.

DSC01985 Some cute paint buckets in Christmas colors.

DSC01987 Some ribbons and tags.

DSC01989 And, voila.

DSC01990 A variety of tags make it even more fun.


I am embarrassed to say that many people on my list did not get checked off. There is always next year. Or maybe even Valentines Day? The ingredients for these decadent treats have been patiently waiting in my pantry. And today seemed like an ideal day to spend some time making use of these ingredients. I definitely did not go crazy and make 13 plus dozen. Just enough to treat my family, considering I was slapping away reaching hands last time I made them and got accused of not sharing!

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