Thursday, January 14, 2010

It’s Planner Time!

You know it’s time to start using a planner when you triple book yourself one night, double book the next day, and then again double book the day after that.  Yes, I know, not very good organization and maybe a few too many activities.

I received two messages when I got home yesterday. One was a reminder call of a Family Connections meeting for tonight that had been scheduled for the past month. The second message was a reminder call for some post-moving house cleaning for a single mother of 4. Which I volunteered myself for a few weeks ago. The third is  an ongoing Thursday evening Bible study group that Jeremy are part of. Yikes! What to do! 

I thought through it all carefully.  I had to take into consideration what was most important.  Maybe… disregard house cleaning.  Go to Bible study for one hour, then fly out to the Family Connections  meeting to catch the tail end of it.  Then I started feeling a bit guilty about not following through on my commitment to help my friend house-clean for a mom-of-four who lost her husband just a year ago.  So…maybe disregard Bible study.  House clean for a few hours, then fly out to the Family Connections meeting.  This sounded like a bit better of a choice.  A quick call to cancel Bible Study and plans were set.

I love to be busy. I also like to relax.  So today ended up being a bit of both.  It started with the usual workday. Followed by kid pick-ups.  Then one hour of helping Ivan with homework. Then fire some cleaning supplies and a salad into the trunk of my car.  Meet up with Jeremy at friends for a very last minute dinner invite. Tag team Cayden, leaving him with Jeremy to take him home to put to bed, while I continued on to a whirlwind of house-cleaning.  Last stop was a drive way up the mountain for the last outing of the night.  Then home to relax and catch up on some favorite shows on my PVR waiting to be watched.

Yes, life is busy sometimes.  But I love my life.  I am intent of filling my planner with all upcoming events…tomorrow.  We’ll see how the scheduling is going … next week.

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