Friday, July 18, 2014

Adopted In Love

The day has finally arrived!  Our family has officially grown from a four to six members, and are we ever excited about what our future may be.  We welcomed Jonah and Ava, the most precious sister and brother duo, into our family today.

I'd like to introduce the children that we now call 'our children'.

Jonah is such a joy.  Full of energy. I am certain that he is my answer to a great weight loss program:) Just hand out with him for awhile to know what I mean.  He is a super hero fan.  Loves to swim, watch movies and play with lego.  Jonah is almost 6, and is already making out his birthday list for his new friends and family to make it 'easy' for them to get what he likes.  He is on his way to Grade 1 this coming year and is excited to ride the bus for the first time with his 'big brother' Cayden.

Ava is a quiet and easy to please little one and half year old toddler.  She wanders from room to room making her own fun.  She loves snuggles, on her terms and will do a little dance for you when asked.  Ava is also a fan of swimming just like the rest of her family.  Ava has an inquisitive nature and loves to help out and hang around just to be close and a part of the activity.

Peyton and Cayden have been a part of the adoption process from the beginning.  They put in their 'requests' and very nearly got what they wished for.  At times, during the long adoption process they nearly ran out of patience waiting for this day to come.  So often I would hear Cayden asking, 'when are they coming"?   We are extremely happy with how our four children are getting along and loving their new family.  I know that there are going to be 'moments', but we will take them as they come and grow with each and every fight and hug.

Our family had such a great time today making memories of the day Jonah and Ava became part of the McEachern family.  We started with the official signing of the paperwork.  Then burned some energy at a wonderful water park.  Followed by some good old fashioned swimming at the neighbourhood pool. And to top off the night, we enjoyed our favorite treat, Blizzards.  We toasted each other with our paper cups of ice-cream and finished off an awesome day with a movie that Jonah got to pick.

Many wonder what made us decide to adopt.  We had everything that many families want.  A healthy boy and girl who we love dearly and a great life.  But, we felt it was our calling to open our hearts and house to some children who really needed a 'forever' mom and dad to love them.  And that we will.  We also feel that they will be a blessing to us.  Bringing even more joy and laughter to our home.

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