Monday, April 15, 2013

Playing With Light

A few short months ago I put aside my trusty point-and-shoot Nikon, only to take up a Nikon SLR.  Hands-down one of the best things I have ever done. 

I have been having so much fun challenging myself to take pictures all the time. No matter how bad the lighting is or how messy my children’s hair is. Trust me, Peyton has been blessed with so much hair and more often then not is quite the mess:) 

To help me on the path to taking good pictures, I joined a group of ladies called "Mom’s With A Camera”.  This certainly has been the best resource for me in learning to take decent pictures and not get too frustrated with my lack of no-how with an SLR.   I am always learning and only a couple weeks with my new camera in hand, I  left ‘auto mode’ and took the leap all the way to ‘manual mode’.

The first series that we learned was what was called, ‘Playing With Light’.  And through this I practiced taking pictures of catch-lights, back-lights, soft lights and hard lights. One of the most fun I had practicing taking pictures in these situations was with my two little angels as the slept obliviously to me snapping a multitude of pictures of them as they dreamed good things.  I even managed to get a great picture of Cayden as he drooled in his sleep:)  So much fun!

I don’t have any ambitions to become a professional photographer, but I do love taking pictures I am proud of.

Watching an episode of Franklin on my ipone.

2013 March 203

Peyton gathered all her baby shoes to sleep with her.

2013 March 217

2013 March 230

Cayden caught sleeping with his new headlamp from Nana

2013 March 675

2013 March 683

2013 March 664


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