Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Spring Sunday

Today was a Peyton and mommy day.  Something uncommon but very welcome. 

It started with goodbyes to Jeremy and Cayden as we headed out to church this morning.  Jeremy and Cayden had their own day that didn’t include us either.

After church we had some lunch and enjoyed some shoe shopping.  Spring was in the air and it was finally time for me to purchase some cute and sassy shoes, rather than rely on my tried and true pair of flip flops.  Peyton enjoyed the shoe shopping far more than me.  She traded her own sandals in for a multitude of ladies heels.  I couldn’t believe how well she was able to prance around in those things!  I don’t even dare walk around in them for fear of breaking my neck.  I finally made my pick and then had to pickup and put away the many pairs of shoes Peyton had left from one end of the shoe section to the other, to the joy of the other ladies shopping for shoes who enjoyed her giggles and glee.

It was then time for a nap.  And I would be lying if I didn’t admit to taking a bit of time for one myself.  Such a nice treat.  I finally dragged myself out my sweet dreams and loaded up the trunk of the car with snacks, drinks, stroller, camera, soccer cleats and soccer ball.  It was time to get ourselves out into the glorious sun.

We had such a wonderful time walking, swinging, sliding and kicking for the next while.   Between playing some soccer on my own and running back to push Peyton on the swing ‘higher’ for quite a while I finally ran out of energy and took out the camera and played around with taking some pictures. It was the perfect lighting to capture the moment we were having together.  She even got caught up in the camera moment and grabbed my iphone to take pictures of me:)










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