Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Little Photo Shoot

My family is filled with very capable photographers, but when it really came down to making an appointment with one of them to do a photo shoot, it simply never happened.  So, I finally made an appointment with Maria Boone this summer to get some fantastic photos of my favorite 2 kids, Peyton and Cayden.  She even took a few of me, a rare occasion. 

I was determined to have some unique photos.  I wanted them to be like art on the walls of our home. So, I gathered a variety of items from my home to take along to the park.  A chair, swing, books, fire truck and a change of clothes later, then off we went.

What was supposed to take hour quickly turned into two because of how much fun we were having taking a wide-assortment of poses.  The kids were so easy, and our photographer was a pleasure to work with.   Cayden was especially  happy, as Maria lined his pockets with quarters for his efforts to provide smiles on demand.  

Little Doll_03

Look at Us_16x20



Sans Blanket_B&W






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