Thursday, October 27, 2011

Caydens “Big Brother”

One of Cayden’s favorite people is Ivan. He pesters Ivan, annoys Ivan and looks up to Ivan as his own big brother. This is exactly how he introduces Ivan. “My big brother.”

Some of Cayden’s favorite things he likes to do with Ivan is jump on the trampoline and play soccer in the backyard. I love watching the two of them together. I especially love how Ivan is patient and playful with Cayden.

Yesterday was Ivan’s 18th Birthday and Cayden wanted so badly to contribute to the gift pile. So he spent the afternoon scrounging for some great ‘gifts’. An un-used pencil and a toque came to the top of the list. He then carefully wrapped both items up with cardstock and a ton of tape. Then practiced some writing skills and wrote him a heartfelt note. Sooo Sweet!





Waiting for Ivan to come home to open his gifts was exhausting. Cayden finally fell asleep waitingSad smile


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