Thursday, July 30, 2015

Whipperwhirl Wanderers

It was a very rare Ava and I kind of morning.  After a somewhat sleepless night, I kinda wanted to just hang out for a quiet morning at home just chilaxing.  Also very rare and treasured.

But, I knew I would have all kinds of regrets wasting this amazing morning with just the two of us, so shook off the lazytude and loaded up the back-pack and off the two of us went in search of a mini adventure.  Going off a few Club Tread recommendations we made our way out  in search of the Whipperwhirl/Sandy Beach trail on the West side of Harrison Lake.

Thankfully the directions we followed were perfect.  The length of time it should have taken us was bang on.  The route markers were as described.  The Sandy Beach was found.  The River was were it should have been.  Whew!  At one point I did wonder what the heck I was thinking doing this unknown trail on such a deadline. But... we managed to get back to pickup the other's with five minutes to spare even after a little photo shoot on the beach where Ava showed me some of her precious little growing up attitude:)

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