Thursday, August 8, 2013

Crazy Cayden

My crazy boy Cayden.  Not one word can describe him.  Although he was given the award of "Adventurer" by his grade 1 teacher.  He is bold and brave.  Loud and excitable.  Lovable and annoying.  Generous and full of life.

Currently Cayden is not the best 'Big Brother' to our sweet little Peyton.  But I like think that one day he will be.  I do think that one day she may look up to him with respect and he may become her protector.  The fighting that goes on between these two rug-rats amazes me!

Although I do at times get a slight glimpse of how cute they can be together.  And here is some proof of that:) Thank you Jete of  Urban Fig Photography for capturing these great moments.

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