Monday, September 24, 2012

My Health Challenge Journey

Part 2

It seems to me that I have probably tried every weight loss program, food, shake or pill out there.  OK, I am sure I didn’t even come close, but I certainly tried many things.

I spent many dollars on these trends and all with the same result.  Little or no weight lost.  And a wallet a little lighter.  I am not saying that many of these programs didn’t have the potential to help me lose weight, I just simply didn’t.

I lacked the will-power needed to stay on any program or diet.  I needed to see results quickly.  I also have a body-type that does not let go of the pounds very easy, thus I would quickly get frustrated and quite whatever I was trying at the time. 

If I were to total the cost of all the things I tried, it would be embarrassingly high.

Jenny Craig twice, Sure-Slim, Herbal Magic, Nutri-system, and Herbal Life.  Weight Watchers twice.  This ‘magic shake’ and then another kind.  PGX, and and a few other supplements.  Even the Soup Diet.  The total of all these easily adds up to $4000.00 over a fifteen year period. 

I am not saying that some of these programs are not good.  They just simply were not good for me.  The only one I had any success on was Jenny Craig.  At a cost of at least $800.00 over the course of two months, and a twelve pound loss.   Jenny Craig was the only real loss I had seen on any of these programs.

This past Spring I received an invitation to  ‘The Health Challenge’.  I was intrigued by the word  ‘competition’.  So I read a little further. 

The Health Challenge seemed very simple.  No ‘special dieting’ and no ‘special pill’.  Everything that was involved simply promoted a healthy lifestyle.  One that included following the Canada Food Guidelines as well as adding in some exercise.  Very simple. No nonsense.  I accepted the challenge.

I joined my very first Health Challenge this past Spring.  I have since competed in two more and am still loving it.  Currently, I am not competing in a Health Challenge, but I am enjoying taking my turn in the organization of Health Challenge #4.

I am really enjoying sitting back a little and encouraging others along the way.  I have to admit that the competition of it all is certainly more of a motivator for me and Ilook forward to taking part in the next one.  For now, I will continue to live my ‘new healthy lifestyle’ and make small steps forward.

Best wishes to you all. Hope you all stay motivated and accept that small steps forward are just as good as the big ones!




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