Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Bee Sting For Mom

Fifty-five years ago, my one and only mom was born. One would have thought that the first thing I would have done today would have been to call and wish her a Happy Birthday. Oops.

With a disappointed sigh, she informed me of who had called her this morning. My name wasn't on the list.

It became clearly obvious
that she appreciates her morning Birthday Wishes. I thought distract her by asking what was her favorite type of Birthday Cake. I had hoped that she would say 'Icecream or Carrot or cheesecake.' You know, something that could easily be purchased. No such luck. I got what I deserved.

She announced 'Bee Sting' with pleasure.
As soon as she left the office, on the phone I was. Calling every bakery in town. The answer was the same every time. 'No Bee Sting cake here.'

I had one choice left and that was to make one myself. Thinking about the time I would need, I was negative two hours. I had to solve the lack of time problem. So I did what any other problem solver would have thought to do. I delegated a portion to my sister.

We tag teamed at Safeway where I picked up her portion of the caking making as well as the ingredients I needed for my portion. Sailed home and in a frantic frenzy and completed the cake.

My family and I celebrated Mom's birthday dinner at The Capitol. Our entire families favorite restaurant. Ever so delicious as usual.

I presented Mom with her favorite chocolate bar, an iTunes card to purchase some new e-books, a hand-created card and a freshly made Bee Sting cake.

I restored favor in my mothers eyes. My lack of a morning Birthday wishes was quickly forgiven. To avoid any future issues, I am already setting my calendar to remind me at 7:30 am next August third to call my dear mother and wish her a 'Happy Birthday'.

Happy 55th Birthday Mom! Wishing you an amazing year.


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